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Evergreen Lights Inc. was founded by a trio in 2020 in Calgary, AB. The company was launched with the primary idea of taking the LED lighting business to the next level. Permanent LED Lighting systems provide an easy to use concept that amplifies homes and small businesses, while simultaneously eliminating the pain and suffering of putting up annual lights. Evergreen Lights saw how these permanent LED lights could really improve the struggles and hassles of home and business owners. Evergreen Lights wanted to improve the lives of countless home and business owners while at the same time giving them something that would be exciting and different. As technology reached new heights over the past few years, Evergreen Lights wanted to take these new technological concepts and apply them to permanent LED lighting systems, making the experience and products even more enjoyable for home and business owners.

The first goal of the founders was to ensure that consumers were getting a product that they could rely on and trust, that met all of the safety and performance requirements in Canada and the USA. The next goal was to revolutionize permanent LED lighting systems by pairing it with innovative technology and ultimately providing consumers with a very personalized, customizable lighting experience that would set their home and small business apart. Another goal was to use LED lights to help showcase diversity. With the company being founded in a very multicultural country, Evergreen Lights aimed to provide people with easy to use, high tech LED lighting systems that would allow consumers to showcase their backgrounds and cultures, celebrating any and all occasions!

Put everything together and Evergreen Lights came up with a premier permanent LED lighting system that brought homes and small businesses to the next level, using our innovative mobile app.

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